The Origin of La Puccia 8th century

The puccia is a sandwich that emerged during the 8th century in the Puglia region, in southern Italy. The puccia bread, so well known in Salento and Taranto, has a style very similar to that of the pita that originated in ancient Greece. Both breads arise from artisan recipes that ancient civilizations developed.

This style of Italian bread is smooth, thin and flat in texture. Made from different types of wheat flour, sourdough of ancestral origin, sea salt, water from the south of the peninsula and the purest olive oils in the region. The combination of these ingredients achieves a uniform dough that is left to ferment. Finally it is baked at high temperatures for a few minutes to obtain the puccia bread ready to fill.

At PUCCIAS we recreate the recipes for these breads until we obtain our "unique" recipe, achieving the characteristic freshly baked puccia bread. This delicious bread is filled with fresh vegetables, animal or vegetable protein, a variety of cheeses and a final touch of homemade dressings, thus achieving the ideal combination for the puccia of your choice.